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BS 5234

Although detailed in Structural Performance, we are particularly proud of the performance of the new Fastwall MINIMA when tested to BS 5234. By far the most difficult aspect of this test is part A (partition stiffness) where the tested wall must deflect no more than 20mm. Historically, for walls of 2700mm, only 12mm glazed systems have been able to achieve this. MINIMA clear dryjoint system, using 10mm glass, deflected less than half this dimension!

Recent Overseas Projects

Our new partner in China, Universal International (Beijing and Shanghai) has just completed the total refurbishment of the HQ of General Electric in Beijing using our new MINIMA system.

In Nigeria, our partner of many years, Aluminium City, (Lagos and Abuja) has secured a major partitioning project for the Central Bank of Nigeria in Abuja with Fastwall. Previous projects have included 3km of Fastwall relocatable solid walls and double, half glazed throughout the 14 storey HQ for Shell in Lagos along with many other projects in excess of a kilometre of Fastwall.

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