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A relocatable rather than merely demountable partitioning system, Fastwall is based on a single component ...... the Universal section. It carries out every major function - head, base, mullion, transom, abutment doorframe, etc. A Universal section carrying out a particular function in one elevation may even be used to perform an alternative function when relocated. No other system is this flexible which is demonstrated by Fastwall's granted patents.

Relocatable PartitionsComplementary components simply snap in to the open and closed faces of the Universal assisting the speed of installation and relocation. 'Minimum components' offers numerous advantages - ease of design - no long lead in times - lower wastage factors - less chance of running out of material at the last minute. All these features make Fastwall a truly cost effective solution.

Demountable PartitionsFurther components enhance the system and create special details such as 2-way, 3-way, 4-way junctions, curved or 135° corners, Y-junctions and so on. Aluminium components may be anodised or powder coat painted to any colour or finished with real wood veneers. PVC glazing beads and optional deep skirting infill strips are supplied in a wide range of contrasting or complementary colours to striking effect.

Add to these features the unique way in which Fastwall solid elevations can use almost any material with each panel being able to be individually lifted off and the sleek, stylish new MINIMA glazing system and Fastwall provides the solution to all your design and practical requirements.

Minimum components - Maximum choice


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